Connected Objects are natural born storyteller

Connected objects are Natural Born Storytellers -and- meaningful stories might be created with the right combination of automatic contributions coming from objects’ sensors with “low resistance” / commons habits from humans.

Some of these objects below are made of materials that transmit us a specific feeling. Some others are telling us stories trough their physical design –or- specific features. Definitively each of them communicates to us leveraging the brand.

Sometime because their own nature, and mostly because we –humans- relate our experience with objects, we might say that these OBJECTS ARE ALREADY TELLING US STORIES.  

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#3y3m: An approach to deal with Connected Objects Lifecycle


2014 is on the edge between Cloud Computing and IoTH era. 
Design  ’almost’ everything as a connected object it’s just natural.

To be “connected” is a “natural state of mind” for an object.
This because being connected is the only way to be actually useful in a specific context for humans.

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Programma 101, the very first PERSONAL COMPUTER ever:

The Programma 101, also known as Perottina, was the first commercial “desktop computer”.[1][2] Produced by Italian manufacturer Olivetti, based in Piedmont, and invented by the Italian engineer Pier Giorgio Perotto.
It was launched at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, volume production started in 1965.
About 44,000 units were sold, primarily in the US.It is usually called a printing programmable calculator or desktop calculator because three years later the Hewlett-Packard 9100A, a model that took inspiration from the P101, was advertised by HP as a “portable calculator”, in order to be able to overcome the fears of computers and be able to sell it to corporations without passing through the corporate computer department.Although, the concept of “stored program” allows this machine to be considered a true computer. [source: wikipedia]

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